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This is Ether’s third transaction with a huge commission. Will a new player have joined the game?

On June 11, for the third time there was a „bizarre“ transaction, this time with a transaction fee of 2,310 Ether (ETH) valued at over $540,000 at the time of this publication. It occurred in less than 24 hours after the first two transactions that cost over $5.2 million (10,668.73 ETH each) in commissions were processed on the Ethereum blockchain, this new transaction has raised the question of whether there is more than one person involved.

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Transaction details of the third unusual transaction

A surprising turn

Unlike the two previous transactions, this one had a substantial volume of 3,221 ETH with a value above the rate. In addition to the controversy, it was not sent from the same address, but a completely new address to the equation, which read (MiningPoolHub: Old Address 7) next to it.

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This new address generated several smaller transactions that went out to the same recipient at the same time, however, of all other transactions only some were from The News Spy with rates ranging from 0.0005 to 0.29 Ether. Normally 0.29 would be a costly transaction, however, they are almost imperceptible compared to this fee that exceeds half a million.

It appears to be an attempted kidnapping
Primitive Ventures‘ founding partner, Dovey Wan, participated in the conversation, suggesting that it is less likely to be a mistake and seems like a message:

„WOW! Another abnormal ETH transaction with a rate of more than 2 thousand, after the two previous occurrences, each with a rate of more than 10 thousand. This is not a mistake for me, but a message. One assumption is that certain cryptoexchange/wallet/ETH services are being „hijacked“ by hackers.

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The suspicion remains
The recipient’s address has over 2,000 transactions in the last three years, and almost all of them transfer minimum amounts of Ether to the wallet. His only outgoing transfers took place over two years ago, the last of which was in the sale of EOS tokens.

Management also received at least four other transactions in the last 12 months with transaction fees in the thousands of dollars.