IOTA deepens partnership with climate research community EIT Climate-KIC

4. Januar 2021 Aus Von admin

The IOTA Foundation wants to deepen its partnership with the climate research community EIT Climate-KIC founded by the European Union.

IOTA wants to further deepen the existing partnership with the climate research community EIT Climate-KIC founded by the European Union , as the IOTA Foundation announced in a blog post on December 30th .

According to IOTA, the partners have signed a letter of intent to increase efforts in 2021 to achieve long-term climate goals based on the “long termism” approach.

Sustainability as a goal

Bitcoin Bank had already published details about the “long termism” concept in a blog post the day before . From his point of view, current global challenges such as climate change and environmental degradation are “due to short-term optimizations in our social systems and organizations”.

Financial investments would be “judged by their return in a few years” and “resources would be exploited despite negative long-term externalities”, but this need not necessarily be the case. Such long-term solutions are to be developed together with EIT Climate-KIC.

Approaches such as the “Internet of (Every) Thing” as an extension of the Internet of Things could enable processes to be optimized for better sustainability through data monitoring. Decentralized markets, digital assets and “self-sovereign identities” could play an important role in this.

IOTA co-founder and chairman of the IOTA Foundation sees an important contribution in the long-term orientation of IOTA:

“For the IOTA Foundation, working on sustainability is an exciting challenge: We may concentrate on developing things that are of real benefit to people today, but as a foundation geared towards the common good, we have to address the long-term consequences of ours As well as working with our community and other organizations to devise a long-term future that we want to achieve together. „

Cooperation since 2019

The IOTA Foundation had the research community EIT Climate KIC of the EU-funded European Institute for Technology (EIT) is already 2019 connected . KICs are knowledge and innovation communities coordinated by the EIT. The EIT Climate KIC belong in Germany in addition to research institutions such as the Technical University of Berlin and the Technical University of Munich, companies and think tanks to.